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About me

      Cody started his journey down the path of audio and visual production at a young age. He quickly found his passion through taking photos and videos and uploading them to YouTube. His following on YouTube has now grown dramatically and he has over 800,000 views on his channel.


       Cody then expanded his knowledge by learning the ins and outs of graphic design. The first steps in his adventure began with Cody creating thumbnails and artwork for his YouTube videos to increase visual attraction. Cody has now learned to create a wide variety of visual artworks using numerous techniques. Cody then proceeded to create wallpapers, logos, business cards, banners, ads, DVD/CD covers, album artworks and many other formats of visual designs for many clients.


       Cody remained passionate about audio and video production which lead him to attend Canada's Premier Entertainment Arts School - Metal Works Institute, graduating with a diploma in audio production and engineering. This program gave him the skills and knowledge to produce and edit over 500 songs. He has arranged, performed and produced numerous singles reaching close to 1 million streams on Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play.


       Cody has been working in the media field for the last 10 years to record, edit and produce their dream audio or visual projects. He is constantly looking for ways to learn new skills and improve his techniques. Cody looks forward to working with new people through the next steps in his business.

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