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I am capable of many different varieties of video editing.  Some examples of work I am capable of doing are:

video editing

- Montages

- Talent Reels

- Highlights

- Audition Tapes

- Promotional Ads

- Commercials

- Youtube Videos

- Online Tutorials

Please Read

The price of a video edit is calculated based on hours of work. 

The current rate is $40/hr.

Based on the type of video you request and your preferred length of the final video the prices will vary.

After filling out the 'Video Edit Request Form' I will reach out to you via email and we will further discuss the direction, vision and outcome of the final video in order to ensure you are satisfied. 

While communicating via email, we will also discuss the pricing and hours of work required for the video.

Please be aware, that in some cases, there is only so much we can do based on the quality and total length of video files provided.

If you request filming please let me know via email.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at

- Cody McConnell

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